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Open April 1 to Dec 24 2014 8AM, 7 Days A Week Wolfville Nova Scotia Canada

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A drink unlike any other, Sweet Apple Cider has been produced for centuries. The art of grinding and pressing apples has improved greatly over the years. Hennigar's has captured the old custom of sweet apple cider making, and delivers to you a tasty and refreshing drink.

Hennigar's Sweet Apple Cider is squeezed from a secret blend of firm ripe apples. The nutritional value of cider depends on the vitamin content found in apples, and the flavour from the mixture of varieties. It contains no additives or preservatives.

[sweet apple cider]
The Hennigar family pride themselves on always making superior quality sweet apple cider.The production is nurtured during all phases to ensure a delicious, safe, healthy, and nutritious sweet apple cider.

It's 100% pure APPLE JUICE

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