Family Fun

ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS.  Our park is home to ducks, goats, Canada geese, rabbits, chickens, goldfish, and turtles! Corn is available to buy to feed the goats, and there is fish food available too!


TANNERY HOLLOW NATURE TRAIL.  Approximately 2.5 kms long, the Tannery Hollow Nature Trail offers fresh air, beautiful scenery, exercise and chance encounters with wildlife. As with all nature trails, please respect the environment – if you pack it in, pack it out. Please note: some may have difficulty with the trail (uneven terrain, exposed roots). Wear appropriate footwear, no unsupervised children under 12, and we ask for a small donation for trail maintenance.

The trail takes you along a pond where ducks are frequent visitors, winds through sun-filled areas of high grass and wildflowers, then passes beneath tall, sheltering maples, birches and spruce trees as it roughly parallels and occasionally crosses a stream (mostly dry in summer) in the ravine. Near the top of the trail, you emerge from the woods into a meadow and are offered a wonderful panoramic view.

PICNIC AND PLAY AREA.  Kids love our old fishing boat and sandy play area; we even supply some digging tools! Wee ones can pretend they’re pirates, landed on a beach to bury some treasure; or maybe they’ll be fishermen on a boat left high and dry in the Minas Basin, waiting for the tide to come back in. A great spot to let them exercise their imaginations!

The Little Farmer Trike Track features authentic John Deere Tricycles. Your young farmer won’t want to leave! Please remember the trikes are for little tykes only.


FARMERSGOLF.  New to North America, Farmersgolf™ is a new type of golf that is fun for everyone – no experience necessary! Designed to be played on a farm, it was developed in Holland and is the fastest growing outdoor activity in Continental Europe. Our course (the first one in Canada!) is located up behind the farm market in our orchards and fields.

This type of golf is affordable and enjoyable for the beginner to the experienced golfer. The ball is a small soccer-type ball and the club has a small wooden shoe on the end.

A 10-hole, 1.7 km course

Takes 1 to 2 hours to play, individually or in teams

Fun for the whole family!

Open daily 8am – 6pm or by appointment, May through October

Located behind Hennigar’s Farm Market on the farm

Parking is available in the farm yard (up the driveway beside the Cookhouse)

Cost: $10 adults, $5 children (12 and under)

Check in and pay at the farm market


COUNTRY COOKHOUSE.  Our Country Cookhouse will make sure you don’t go hungry while browsing the park and trail.  Try the fish-and-chips while enjoying the scenery from our over-the-water deck.