FRESH PRODUCE.  Fill up your senses with the colours, tastes and textures of the wide variety of locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables we have available, delivered daily throughout the growing season. To see a chart showing what is available and when, click here.

In addition to our fruits and veggies, you can find maple syrup, honey, bottled cider, jams and jellies, and Doreen’s Kitchen – full of chutneys, chow chow, mustards, relishes, sauces and preserves. We can’t forget to mention that most Maritime of treats – dulse (for those of you who don’t know what dulse is, it’s dried seaweed)!

APPLE CIDER.  Hennigar’s sweet apple cider is squeezed from a secret blend of firm ripe apples.  Many customers tell us it’s the best!  It contains no additives or preservatives and only natural sugars.

Drinking Hennigar’s Apple Cider is like drinking a fresh apple off the tree!


FARMER’S ICE CREAM.  We’ve been serving delicious Farmer’s Ice Cream for over 50 years. Choosing just one flavour can be tough since we always have 32 unique flavours to choose from! We are now serving ice cream in our own homemade waffle cones! Be sure to try one on your next visit! Try a local favourite like Grapenut, Rum & Raisin, or Moon Mist. Hennigar’s  are famous for their large servings so bring your appetite!!   


HOMEMADE FUDGE. We are a popular spot for homemade creamy buttery fudge! There are always at least 16 flavours to sample and choose from. As always, when you buy a pound, you get a half pound FREE! It makes a great snack for guests, or a tasty treat for the road. We have sugar-free flavours as well, so everyone can enjoy our fudge!

Are you having a get-together and want a specific type of fudge to serve? We make our fudge fresh every week in-store, so let us know early and we will make sure we can accommodate your needs in our next batch.  Among our most popular flavours are: Rocky Road, Irish Cream, Amaretto Chocolate Swirl, and Maple Walnut.  


 HENNIGAR’S BAKERY.  No matter where you enter the store, the first thing you’ll notice is that we have a bakery. The smell of fresh baked bread, pies, and cookies fills the air all day long.  Try our delicious apple cider donuts.

In addition to our own baked goods, we offer baked goods fromYum! and 24 Carrots Bakery so you are sure to have a great selection to choose from.   


 GIFTS.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect souvenir of your visit to the area,  in need of unique decor for your home, or need a card for a special occasion, browse through our gift section and you’ll be sure to find it. We carry a wide variety of items, from fair trade coffee, collectible figurines and scented candles to framed prints, wind chimes, and greeting cards.

GARDEN CENTRE. Hennigar’s wonderful garden centre is blooming with color and beauty. It holds a wide variety of supplies for the gardener’s needs. A fully stocked greenhouse provides tropical houseplants, bedding plants, and hanging baskets, seeds and gardening supplies. Even if you don’t have a green thumb yourself, a stroll amidst our blossoms and greenery will soothe your soul. Our garden center offers unique and handmade birdhouses and bird supplies including feeders, and feed.