Farmer’s Golf

Click HERE to see CBC’s coverage of our Farmersgolf course!

New to North America, Farmersgolf™ is a new type of golf that is fun for everyone – no experience necessary! Designed to be played on a farm, it was developed in Holland and is the fastest growing outdoor activity in Continental Europe. Farmersgolf™ is for people who want to get exercise and fresh air while enjoying the farm experience and having fun. Our course (the first one in Canada!) is located up behind the farm market in our orchards and fields.

This type of golf is affordable and enjoyable for the beginner to the experienced golfer. The ball is a small soccer-type ball and the club has a small wooden shoe on the end. There are 10 holes, a total distance of 1.7 km, takes approx. 1 ½ hours. It is played in teams or individually. It is best to check in at the farm market before going up the hill to the course.

Hennigar’s Farmersgolf™

A 10-hole, 1.7 km course

Fun for the whole family!

Open daily 8am – 6pm or by appointment, May through October

Located behind Hennigar’s Farm Market on the farm

Parking is available in the farm yard (up the driveway beside the Cookhouse)

Cost: $10 adults, $5 children (12 and under)

For more information about Farmersgolf™, visit