Tannery Hollow Nature Trail

Approximately 2.5 kms long, the Tannery Hollow Nature Trail offers fresh air, beautiful scenery, exercise and chance encounters with wildlife. As with all nature trails, please respect the environment – if you pack it in, pack it out.  Please note: some may have difficulty with the trail (uneven terrain, exposed roots). Wear appropriate footwear, no unsupervised children under 12, and we ask for a small donation for trail maintenance.

The trail takes you along a pond where ducks are frequent visitors, winds through sun-filled areas of high grass and wildflowers, then passes beneath tall, sheltering maples, birches and spruce trees as it roughly parallels and occasionally crosses a stream (mostly dry in summer) in the ravine. Near the top of the trail, you emerge from the woods into a meadow and are offered a wonderful panoramic view.